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Italian artist Ginevra Nervi is an anomaly of sorts. An electronic composer, her work ebbs and flows between songwriting and producing sound in all its spiralling forms. With a multi-disciplined approach, her projects can include recording and distorting her own vocals to scoring soundscapes for independent and commercial filmmakers. No matter the commission, Ginevra uses sound as her instrument and immerses every musical cell of her being to strike the right chord. 


Born in Genova in 1994, Ginevra learned to play the piano and guitar from a young age before studying at a conservatory in Italy. Here, she explored electronic music and grew intrigued with the freedom of the format and took inspiration from avant-garde musicians in her milieu. 


Today Ginevra's research stems from exploring vocal timbres, paired with sound manipulation techniques. While her dedication to every self-driven project remains constant, the extent of Ginevra's back catalogue varies wildly and dances a delicate line between experimental textures and sweeping scores for cinema.


As a songwriter and music composer for films, documentaries, and TV series signed to Netflix Original and Amazon Prime Video, Ginevra garners a revered reputation in the film industry. In 2020 she worked on three motion pictures that premiered at the 77 Venice International Film Festival. Ginevra scored the music for the documentary "Fuoco Sacro" by Antonio Castaldo and wrote and sang "Miles away - Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi" for the film "Non Odiare" by Mauro Mancini. The track was nominated for Best Original Song the following year at the David di Donatello Awards. 


Outside of the film and TV realms, Ginevra's story as a solo artist continues to evolve. She self-released the single "P!2", followed by a remix from Anastasia Kristensen. The release of Ginevra's "Klastós" EP in 2021 marked a significant moment in her trajectory. She created a collection of broken rhythms in perfect symbiosis with her vocals, based on the theme of reconstruction and connection. Shortly after, five far-reaching producers reworked "Klastós"—Chevel [Houndstooth], Alev Lenz [scrores on Dark, Old Guard, Black Mirror], Lara Sarkissian [CLUB CHAI, NTS Radio] and Midori Hirano [Erased Tapes]. 


2022 is proving a fruitful year for Ginerva Nervi. She soundtracked the documentary "Dante, Fuga Dagli Inferi" broadcasted on​ SKY ARTE and scored her first original soundtrack for season one of "PRISMA" on Amazon Prime Video. Ongoing projects include composing the original soundtracks for films "Come Pecore in mezzo ai Lupi" and "Laltra via."


Ginevra's upcoming album "The Disorder Of Appearances" will drop later this year. A myriad of 15 tracks blending voice, noise and sonic illusions, she describes the body of work as "the fingerprint of my musical language." 


Beyond her home studio, Ginevra Nervi is a seasoned performer. Primavera Pro Sound, LucFest, MENT Festival Triennale Milano, Castello Sforzesco, Locus Festival, Transart Festival and Opera Festival have all appeared in her diary, with plenty more in the pipeline.

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