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Klastos is the scientific name of clastic sedimentary rocks (from the ancient greek:

κλαστός, klastós, "shuttered, broken, shredded") or detrital rocks derive from sediments

whose constituent elements in turn derive mainly from the accumulation of lithic

fragments of other altered rocks generally transported by different exogenous agents

(river courses, sea currents, winds, etc.).

This broken pieces, little particles, grains of something coming from a “one”, represent a

sort of “cosm” in which we’re all connected. The material world, the one we live in, is an

inseparable network of relationships; the planet as a whole is a living system that

regulates itself, and the human being behaves in the same way. Klastos tells of a journey

of deep reconstruction and the beginning of a new chapter of one's existence.



During this very particular year, Ginevra Nervi understood that one of the most important things to her and to her creative process is creating special connections with other artists from all over the world, and Klastos talks exactly about the connection between everyone and everything. 

The pandemic demonstrated perfectly, more than ever, how humans need to be connected to each other, how humans are not able to stay alone for long times and how this makes us vulnerable. We need to communicate and always interact with something new and different from our personal perspectives of things. 

In this “rework project” I see exactly what the concept represents. 


Ginevra's quote


I chose to stick in a code as a graphic element within the artwork that would stimulate the listener's curiosity. It looks like a coded message and some of it is. Copy and paste the location and you will find out. 

Roussillon's Beigua GeoPark is the specific place from which I came up with the name of the record - Klastós. 

The clastic sedimentary black rocks characterize an area of the natural park I am emotionally connected to.


There's a visceral bond with these lands.

Over the years I have realized how much living in a "rural" dimension has greatly influenced my artistic path, my background, feeding my soul day by day.


I chose to gather all these feelings and show you a very special place for me, peeking from this virtual door.


I asked Dario (Chevel), Midori, Alev and Lara to do the same. 

I really liked the idea of feeling closer to them, listening to their reworks, getting deep into their sound philosophy while I was watching the images of their "special places".


Once i obtained the geographic coordinates then, they were also inserted into the artwork graphics. 

Anyone can go and search for those places and, perhaps, tune in more intimately with the artist.




Chevel is the main pseudonym of Dario Tronchin, an Italian techno DJ, label owner and producer whose works range from hypnotic, minimalist floor-fillers to glitchy, intricately programmed experiments.

Chevel's highest-profile release to date came in late 2015 with the Blurse LP on Stroboscopic Artefacts, which featured more of a click'n'cuts sound reminiscent of labels like Raster-Noton or Mille Plateaux and got the attention of international press like The Wire, Resident Advisor and Pitchfork, to name a few, with the latest describing Tronchin as “a young producer not just making techno but taking it apart, rearranging it, breaking it. He recently released on Houndstooth, offshoot of Fabric Records (label run by the iconic Londoner venue).

Alev Lenz (German-Turkish artist) is a Grammy-nominated record producer, singer, songwriter and composer. 

Lenz’s rich catalogue of compositions fuse distinctive musical worlds into something that is authentically hers - compelling songs for both record and screen.

Alev explores her set of influences, from European classical to experimental electronics; offering a personal sonic experience.

Her remarkable voice, floating in the abyss, with evocative melodies and evocative lyrics, enchanted SA Recordings and Spitfire Audio.

Lenz's music was featured on acclaimed Netflix series "Dark", "Old Guard" and "Black Mirror”.

Midori Hirano is a Berlin-based musician, composer and producer. She started learning the piano as a child, and this triggered what was to later see her study classical piano at university. Therefore her productions are based on the use of acoustic instruments such as the piano, strings or guitars, but yet experimental and an eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing and field recordings. 

Midori is part of the new wave of Erased Tapes artists, but she released also on other excellent labels, such as

She garnered critical acclaim from various international media, including Crack, BBC Radio and FACT Magazine.

Lara Sarkissian is a sound artist, electronic composer, DJ and filmmaker born and based in San Francisco, CA. Sarkissian is co-founder of CLUB CHAI; a record label and curatorial project that artistically hybridizes non western sonic and visual worlds among contemporary western culture. She contributes regular shows to NTS radio. 

Lara Sarkissian’s electronic music weaves experimental techniques from dance and ambient along with Armenian instrumentation and sampling. 

She produces scores for multi-channel and spatial installations and video. Her work has exhibited at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and Gray Area Art and Technology Festival. 

Lara recently released on SOS MUSIC and Tresor.


45.64143659880656, 12.191185527068134

“Strada di Canizzano” -  Sant'Angelo Church, Treviso (Italy)


40.72639695663946, -73.98154806752237

Tomkins Square Park - NY (USA)



34.885353264451126, 135.79987481938338

Uji, Kyoto (Japan)



37.79365378952856, -122.45205752080474

San Francisco (USA)



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